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Discrete-Time Speech Signal Processing: Principles and Practice

MATLAB Exercises

Here you can download functions, scripts, workspaces, and data required by the MATLAB exercises in the book. Note that the speech files given are often specific cases of a certain class of speech signal, i.e., the waveforms often can be replaced by other examples with similar characteristics that serve the instructive purpose of the exercise.

Each chapter has its own directory structure. As an example, the directory for Chapter 11 consists of:

  • chapter11/
    • Backup and Data Directories:
      • Back/
      • Data/
    • Workspaces:
      • ex11M1.mat
      • ex11M2.mat
    • Functions and Scripts:
      • amfm_sep.m
      • gaussian_filt.m
      • wigner.m
      • specgram_speech.m
      • cross.m
      • stftm.m

In addition, readme files occasionally appear within the subdirectories. These readme files are in text format and describe or clarify contents of the subdirectory or a particular MATLAB exercise.

Speech files in the Data directory are in both pcm and wav format (but are also included in the given workspaces). The sampling rate of each speech file is indicated in the file name. The Data directory for Chapter 11, for example, contains the required speech files:

  • speech_10k.pcm
  • speech1_10k.pcm
  • speech_10k.wav
  • speech1_10k.wav

If the designated sampling is not supported by a desired platform, then listening to the files entails a change in sampling rate (e.g., using MATLAB decimation and interpolation functions) for the particular platform.

Obtaining the Files

To obtain the MATLAB excercises, you can download the files for all chapters in a single archive (4.1 MB, zip) via HTTP. Alternatively, you can download the files chapter by chapter from the book's FTP site using your browser (if it offers FTP support), or by logging onto the site using a dedicated FTP client at the following coordinates:

User ID: anonymous
Password: [your email address]
Directory: /pub/ptr/prof_and_ref_electrical_engineering.w-041/quatieri/matlab/

Further Reading

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