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Oracle SQL Interactive Workbook, 2nd Edition


Below you will find links to:

  • solutions for each chapter's Test Your Thinking exercises, and
  • practice questions with answers for self-assessment quizzing (requires a JavaScript-enabled browser).
  1. SQL and Data
  2. SQL: The Basics
  3. Character and Number Functions
  4. Date, Conversion, and Miscellaneous Functions
  5. Aggregate Functions, GROUP BY, and HAVING
  6. Equijoins
  7. Subqueries
  8. Set Operators
  9. Complex Joins
  10. Insert, Update, and Delete
  11. Create, Alter, and Drop Tables
  12. Views, Indexes, and Sequences
  13. The Data Dictionary and Dynamic SQL Scripts
  14. Security
  15. Advanced SQL Queries
  16. SQL Optimization

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